• Managing Human Resources

Managing Human Resources

Luis R. Gomez-Mejia
David B. Balkin
Robert L. Cardy

Concise and practical, "Managing Human Resources, Third Edition" will help you gain a mastery of those issues while you learn the skills you'll need as a manager of people. Using a managerial perspective, the book illustrates the role and impact of technology on globalization, compensation, legal, safety, and health issues. A host of timely features make this book interesting and thought-provoking: The Managerial Perspective, a new introduction for every chapter, focuses on the managerial perspective and summarizes why the material is relevant to managers. Managerial Skill Builder: Issues and Exercises, an end-of-chapter feature, presents a managerial situation relevant to each chapter topic and concludes with questions, issues, exercises, and group projects. Manager's Notebook, located in every chapter, illustrates procedures, tips, and strategies you can really use in management. You Manager It! Discussion Cases, found at the end of every chapter, focus on human resources issues from a manager's perspective and encourage you to think critically. Technology and its influence on human resources information is addressed in every chapter. Globalization and its effect on human resources practices is discussed throughout the book, and the authors address the unique human resources problems faced by multinational organizations. The authors and Prentice Hall are committed to providing a unique learning and teaching package to accompany this third edition. New to this edition: Skills Live! Videos offer dramatizations that highlight a human resources skill related to each part of the text. These videos allow students the opportunity to see what it's like to conduct aninterview, give performance appraisals, deal with sexual harassment issues, and more. PHLIP/CW Web Site (www.prenhall.com/gomez ) provides full academic support for both professors and students. Instructors can find answers to current events and Web exercises, download ancillary materials, and more. For students, there is an on-line study guide, current events articles and exercises, Web exercises, and more.