• Writing Clearly

Writing Clearly

A Lively and Interactive Introduction to Clear Writing Skills, with an Emphasis on Sales, Healthcare, and Business Writing, Including Some Grammar
Daniel Farb

Writing Clearly is a lively presentation of how to write clearly includes lots of examples of how to focus your thoughts and create clearly understood writing. It contains many of Dr. Farb's own writing techniques and contains exercises drawn from business periodicals. You will learn how to make clear, forceful sentences, use grammatical principles that affect clarity, arrange sentences into logical paragraphs, assemble paragraphs into documents, and do basic proof-reading. Estimated time: 2-4 hours. 143 pages on CD. 20 pages in the manual. You must have Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher running on your computer. Supported operating systems are Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, 2000, or XP. The CD is licensed to play once on any Windows computer; the borrower may purchase the program after that. One library reference activation is included in the price.